I am an Assistant Professor of Accounting and Management Information Systems at Governors State University. In the past I similar positions at Pennsylvania State University and the Rochester Institute of Technology. I received a D.B.A. from Boston University and a B.S. in Management Science and a Master in Finance from Universidad Metropolitana (Venezuela). I also studied at UNIS, La Salle La Colina, and Universidad Central de Venezuela. I am also a Certified Management Accountant (CMA). I have three basic streams of research: (1) the design of Resource Management Information Systems (ex. AIS, ERP), (2) the Digital Divide or the differences in usage, implementation, and application of IS/IT between developing and developed countries, and (3) developing a better understanding of how Technology Mediated Communications differ from face-to-face communications. I teach MIS, Strategy, and Accounting at the graduate level.

I have worked in places like Vencred, PDVSA, INELECTRA, Oster de Venezuela , COBOL, COPAN, and Tercer Medio as a programmer, financial analyst, manager, and CIO. I am or have been a consultant to companies like Software de Venezuela, CAUTUS, Maraven, US Feed Grain Council, US Meats, American Soybean Association, Banco Central de Venezuela, and Academia Nacional de Ciencias Economicas. I have taught in IAE (Argentina), INALDE (Colombia), IESA (Venezuela), Boston University, and RIT (NY). I have given academic lectures and seminars in Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Spain, and China.

I was born in Venezuela and currently reside in Chicagoland. I am the proud father of thirteen-year old triplets and a six-year old. I speak Spanish and English fluently while being able to understand French. I enjoy photography, cooking, and scuba-diving as well as traveling to new places every time I can.

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